Optical fiber fusion splicer
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Tumtec FST-12R ribbon fiber fusion splicer

Tumtec FST-12R ribbon fiber fusion splicer

Product Specification:

  • Name: FST-12R
  • Size: 130W*170L*170Hmm (excluding rubber bumper) / 140W*170L*176Hmm (including rubber bumper)
  • Cores: 1,2,4,6,8,10,12
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The new product -- Tumtec FST-12R ribbon fiber fusion splicer, is the latest research and development, inherits the advantages of the Tumtec classic fiber splicer, and greatly improves the performance, combined with the advanced technology at home and abroad, to optimize the product performance, appearance and improve the user experience, comparable to imported high-end models.

The fiber alignment method adopts multi-core cladding alignment, the machine adopts industrial 8 core CPU, synchronous operation, extremely fast response, smooth experience, fast response, high performance touch screen, excellent user experience.
The display screen adopts the intelligent GUI graphics operating system, and the 5-inch 800X480 high resolution screen makes the operation graphics simple and intuitive, which makes the observation of the fiber core clearer with the naked eye.

Boot up in 3 seconds, extremely fast splicing in 15 seconds, typical heating in 20 seconds,
Equipped with a large capacity lithium battery, strong battery life, available for long time work.
The appearance of Tumtec FST-12R ribbon fusion splicer is extended with the traditional classic model, the base and housing are made by soft glue, does not slip, the base is stable for any construction site operation, better anti-fall performance.

The machine can be adaptive discharge, and can adapt to a variety of temperature environment, snow weather, desert and other harsh conditions under strict test where the performance is still excellent;
The brightness of the screen can be adjusted to facilitate outdoor operation in sunlight or dark environment. The V-groove has three high-power LED lights, which are easy to operate in the dark environment and more conducive to the right placement of optical fiber operation.
Tumtec FST-12R ribbon fusion splicer’s core parts using imported brands, aviation metal housing material, exquisite details.


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