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I do practical things for the masses | In the dog days, their figure

0 TUMTEC 2021-07-17 13:49:14

n the midsummer season, the weather is unbearable, and many places across the country have entered the "barbecue" mode. The meteorological departments of many places have issued high-temperature orange warnings for several consecutive days. In the scorching heat, there are such a group of people. In order to ensure that users’ communication is unblocked and "surfing" is unimpeded, they are exposed to the sun, roasted in the high temperature, and use their flesh and blood to fight the summer heat. They are under the high temperature. Telecom smart home engineer, the most beautiful telecom installer!


With the high temperature and humidity, the front-line installation and maintenance personnel of telecommunications companies in various places are busy on the front line. They either rode on the hot roads, walked up and down the stairs profusely, or climbed up the hot electric poles, all day long.


In such a dog days, telecom people are still "fighting" in the hot outdoors. They use their hands to create a better life for the masses, use their sweat to maintain the smooth flow of the Internet, with the scorching sun above their heads, sweating, and blooming extreme beauty under the scorching sun.

Even if you sweat like rain, you must stick to your post. Even hard work, we must be meticulous and only provide the best quality service to every user. Their selfless work is to enable you to use a high-speed and stable network as soon as possible. They are a group of people who have paid steadily in their posts, and they are a group of young people with dreams.

Life has never been easy, and there are no years to be quiet, but someone is carrying the weight for you, calling for these smart home engineers and pretenders who are fighting on the front line. You have worked hard!

Goodwill actions we can implement:

1. Pass a glass of water to the master who is installing and repairing at your home.

2. Please treat them kindly.

3. Please take good care of communication equipment and reduce failures.

4. Please give them some processing time when there is a fault. One complaint means too much for them.

5. Please accept the leaflet they handed you, and listen patiently to their business introduction.

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