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Problem of Internet surfing speed becoming slow

0 TUMTEC 2021-07-08 15:03:07

In the past years, I believe everyone has internet at home, sometimes you might have encountered WiFi suddenly cut-off, even after reset your wifi box, and internet speed is still very slow.


In this situation, apart from the operator’s line or router, it is also very likely that there is a problem with your indoor optical fiber line.


In fact, when installer doing the FTTH, normally he will roll up those white or yellow fiber drop cables and inform that the cables cannot be folded; 


Once the optical fiber is damaged, it cannot be fixed; only a professional machine can be used to reconnect the optical fiber.


This machine that connects the optical fiber is called optical fiber fusion splicer. Usually this machine is expensive, also has high technical requirements for users.


Although with the support of modern science and technology, splicing a fiber is very fast. We should pay attention to put the indoor fiber cable in a hidden corner to avoid wifi cut off.

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