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2023 Brazil International Communication Exhibition (Netcom)

0 TUMTEC 2023-08-02 15:35:48

From August 1st to 3rd, the 2023 Brazil International Communication Exhibition (Netcom) kicked off at the Norte Convention and Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The exhibition is the most professional electronic information and communication exhibition in Central and South America. Tumtec participated in the 2023 Brazil Netcom with its classic series and latest models. From the three aspects of performance, design and adaptability, it fully demonstrated the innovation progress of Tumtec Communication from inside to outside.

This exhibition invited all the well-known industry buyers in the South American communication industry, including: telecommunications, network and IT professionals, systems from enterprises (industrial, commercial, service companies) and public administrations (federal, state and local administrations) Integrators, designers and system design consultants, installation and technical service contractors, telecom manufacturers, VADs and VARs, ISPs and WISPs, telecom companies and their service providers, network telecom manufacturers, automotive electronics, Internet of Things industry chain procurement Businessmen, government purchasers, educational research institutions, etc. On the first day of the launch, many customers from all over the world came to Tumtec booth to learn about various series of telecom products, and expressed their strong interest and full recognition of Tumtec technological innovation.



Tumtec demonstrated FST-18H, FST-83A and other series of fusion splicers this time, with powerful performance and ultra-low fusion splicing loss, which can meet the requirements of optical fiber splicing applications in various environments. At the same time, the six-motor backbone project fusion splicer V9+ adopts an integrated core adjustment frame, which gives users a magnification effect of over 500 times and makes the optical fiber visible to the naked eye. It has been widely used in the splicing project of long-distance trunk lines.

Simultaneously exhibited is also a small optical fiber fusion splicer FST-V5, which has attracted many visitors to stop and consult for its small size, light weight and easy portability. The special compact V-groove and removable N+1 multifunctional fixture make the performance of the compact FST-V5 more stable. The integrated soft rubber covers the fuselage, so that the V5 can adapt to various poster heights and harsh operating environments.

In addition, the ribbon fiber fusion splicer 12R was exhibited on site, equipped with a large-scale heating area capable of handling up to 12 cores of optical fiber, which can evenly melt the optical fiber between the electrode rods, and can control the discharge in real time by analyzing the brightness of the arc strength. The high-precision optical fiber cleaver A8 exhibited at the same period adopts the aviation aluminum anodizing process, and the average cutting angle is less than 0.5°. It is suitable for cutting single-mode, multi-mode, dispersion and non-zero dispersion silica fibers. A8 uses a precision disc knife to cut optical fibers, and the life of the blade can reach 48,000 times, which has been favored by users in the industry.

At the exhibition site, many visitors entered the booth of Tumtec to visit and use the products. They greatly appreciated the appearance design, performance and innovation of Tumtec products, and they had a strong willingness to cooperate. At the same time, the Tumtec exhibition team actively conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with global entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and partners.

Communication Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil provides business opportunities for exhibitors from all over the world, and also provides opportunities for visitors to browse the latest products in the industry market, meet new suppliers, and establish a relationship network. Tumtec will continue to be committed to the research and development and production of advanced optical fiber communication equipment, to provide global customers with the highest quality products and services, and to help the development of global optical fiber communication

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