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What Is The Vibration Optical Fiber Alarm System And How To Install It?

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Vibration fiber optic cable is a common communication fiber optic cable. It only adds optical devices at both ends of the ordinary communication fiber optic cable. Based on the principle of Mach Zehnder interferometer, the ordinary communication fiber optic cable is transformed into a special sensor. Today, tumtec will introduce the function of the Vibration Optical Fiber Perimeter Alarm System, so that you have a preliminary understanding of the system.

Vibration cable as a sensor is usually installed by hanging net and buried in the field. The installation of hanging net is to tie the vibration cable to the fence or iron art. The buried installation is generally better concealed and buried under the ground or in the wall.

An alarm system that uses vibration to judge intrusion. Its detection element is a long special cable containing electronic components, which can be wound around the fence railings. The vibration of the railings caused by climbing can trigger the detector. The equipment connected with the detector can judge the position, thus giving alarm to the safety watchman.

Install Vibration Cable Alarm System:

Vibration optical fiber alarm system is a new generation of security monitoring system. Compared with traditional security equipment, it has many problems such as short monitoring distance, high power consumption and high false alarm rate. Its uniqueness lies in that passive optical fiber sensing technology enables the system to provide long distance without any outdoor active devices. The system-specific signal processing system can eliminate external interference instantaneously and provide real-time and reliable intrusion alarm, so that relevant personnel can quickly and accurately make corresponding actions. When intrusion occurs, the system will alarm immediately and locate the alarm position when the cables vibrate slightly by knocking, climbing, trampling, touching, shaking and extrusion.

According to the different practical application environment, the system can be applied not only to various types of surface fences such as iron art, wire mesh, fence and fence, but also to lawn, gravel layer, floor tile, floor, cement ground, common soil and even underwater. The product technology has reached the international advanced level of similar products. In addition, for high-risk areas, the system can even achieve on-site voice monitoring and recording, without the use of electric or metal microphones, only using optical fibers can be achieved, enriching the function and protection level of the security system implemented with a single optical fiber.

The system combines advanced white-light interference technology, long-distance disturbance location technology and artificial intelligence technology with intrusion pattern threat identification and judgment, representing the current global advanced distributed intrusion alarm security technology.

Vibration Optical Cable Solution in Security System:

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a comprehensive information system that perceives the world and interconnects things. The mobile communication network connects people and the Internet of Things connects things and things. It is bound to become the third wave of information industry after the computer and communication networks. The Internet of Things can be widely used in various fields of social life, especially in the field of public security. With its great influence on technology and market, the Internet of Things will surely lead the security industry into a new era.

Characteristics of Vibrating Optical Cable System:

The system can effectively prevent and control all-weather behaviors such as climbing over fences, digging and parabolic high-altitude. The system mainly detects target classification by vibration sensors, and combines with a variety of sensors to form a cooperative sensing network to achieve a new multi-point fusion and cooperative sensing. It can effectively classify intrusion targets and intrusion behavior and locate high-precision regions.

The main features of the system are as follows:

Q: Multi-sensor cooperative perception, target recognition, multi-point fusion and cooperative perception can achieve no leakage alarm and low false alarm.

Q: It has adaptive mechanism to restrain environmental interference and can be applied to all kinds of bad weather.

Q: Real-time monitoring of equipment status to realize equipment maintenance and automatic fault detection;

Q: It can be customized for users to achieve a high degree of coupling between the system and user business.

Q: It can flexibly adapt to the requirements of different topography and landforms.

Q: It has the functions of acousto-optic linkage and video linkage. It can shout and illuminate on-site practice, and perform video playback and other operations.

Q: Fast response, alarm response time less than 3 seconds;

Q: The operation of the software system platform is simple and intuitive. It integrates the functions of distribution, withdrawal, alarm and self-examination of equipment failure.

Introduction of Vibration Cable Alarm System:

1. Vibration Cable Front-end Detection Equipment

2. Analysis of police data by software platform of command and control center

(Signals generated during human invasion)

(Signals generated by passing vehicles)

(Signals generated in strong winds, wind power levels 5-7)


Comparisons between Vibrating Optical Cable and Traditional Technology:

The development of information technology in security industry has experienced three stages: video surveillance, signal driving and target driving. Among them, a single video surveillance can no longer meet the needs of people for safety protection; and signal-driven products include pulse electronic fence, tension fence, laser counter-fire, leakage cable, etc. Most of the core technologies of signal-driven anti-intrusion products are in the hands of foreign manufacturers, which makes it difficult to operate and maintain the system in the later stage.

Based on the Internet of Things, a series of products of fusion sensing nodes can collect abundant signals through sensor arrays and automatically analyze them under pre-set criteria to comprehensively identify and judge intrusion behavior. It has an environment adaptive mechanism, which can automatically adjust its own algorithm according to weather changes, reduce the false alarm caused by the environment, and truly realize all-weather and all-time. Intrusion prevention requirements.

Vibration cable can analyze intrusion alarm and fault equipment according to sensor location, which provides great convenience for later operation, maintenance and management.

With good technology, our tumtec fusion splicer is a good helper.The fuselage is light in weight, exquisite in design and strong in shell, which can meet the requirements of various harsh environments.

The standardization of the whole system, touch screen application and automatic welding process bring great convenience to users'operation.



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