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What Is FTTH ?How To Use The Optical Fiber Fusion Machine In The Home?

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What tools are needed for optical fiber entry?

Cold joint, optical fiber,  fiber optic fusion splicing machine

What is FTTH fiber to the home? When will the fiber optic fusion machine be used?

FTTH (fiber to the home) is a communication signal delivered via fiber from the operator's central office all the way to the home or company, thus replacing existing copper wire infrastructure such as telephone lines or coaxial cables. Fiber to the home is a relatively fast growing way to provide significantly higher bandwidth for consumers and businesses, thus enabling high-definition television, IPTV, Internet and voice services.

Why are fiber optic cables now connected directly to homes?

Fiber optic cables that connect directly to the home can accelerate bandwidth demand to consumers in a decade or more, dramatically improving bandwidth. While cable modems typically offer slow transmission speeds around downloads, current fiber optic technology can offer speeds up to 1 gigabit per second of two-way transmission, with 10 performance systems now entering the market, and even higher bandwidth fiber optic networks are currently being developed. Also, while cable and DSL providers are trying to squeeze small increments in their technology for higher bandwidth, the fiber optic equipment continues to improve the increasing available bandwidth without changing its fiber. That is why fibre networks are "future-oriented".

Are fiber to the home services more expensive than those available in cable modems and DSLS?

Surveys show that FTTH users pay about the same as customers for DSL and cable providers for their Internet, voice and video services, while FTTH users actually pay less per megabit of bandwidth. In addition, surveys of broadband users by consumers and by the FTTH commission have shown that users of FTTH services show quite high satisfaction rates than users of other broadband services.

Are fiber to the home services more expensive than those available in cable modems and DSLS?

WiFi and WiMAX wireless technologies can provide the same service for fibre to the home without the hassle of installing new wires into the home. Is this true?

Can't. Wireless broadband is limited by spectrum availability , this cost limits bandwidth, so it can be provided by applications. These wireless technologies don't offer high-definition TV and in fact, they have trouble offering standard TV. And HDTV are just one of many high-bandwidth applications being developed for our future broadband. Wireless will always be a useful addition to mobile applications.

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