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Race With Death Earthquake Warning Is What Kind Of Technology?

0 TUMTEC 2019-06-22 11:19:06

We've written about earthquake warnings before, but let's take a look at some new topics.

China's earthquake warning technology is mature, so how far is earthquake prediction? Earthquake warning and earthquake prediction are different, earthquake warning technology has been mature, and earthquake prediction technology is still the world's problem.

Earthquake early warning is not earthquake prediction or forecast. An earthquake warning is a warning that is issued seconds to tens of seconds in advance of the seismic waves that are expected to spread to the fortified areas after an earthquake, in order to minimize local damage. Earthquake prediction is the warning issued before the earthquake.

Earthquake early warning system refers to the supporting facilities to realize earthquake early warning. According to the order of system response, it can include: earthquake monitoring network, earthquake parameter rapid determination and measurement system, alarm information rapid release system and early warning information receiving terminal. The whole system is characterized by high integration, real-time monitoring and rapid response. In particular, rapid response is critical. Because an earthquake warning system is essentially racing against the seismic waves, gaining one second more time to respond.

Earthquake warning system - application effect

Us: in August 2011, an earthquake in the us shut down a nuclear power plant. A month later, seismologists in California successfully tested an earthquake warning system. The system can give early warning when it detects the first pulse of energy produced by a fault rupture.


Japan: Japan also notes in its warning system brochure that if it is too close to the epicenter, warning information and seismic waves may arrive at the same time.

On June 14, 2008, an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale occurred in otsuaki, 30 kilometers from the epicenter, and a warning message was received 3.5 seconds later, when the destructive s-wave had already arrived. In hard-hit kurihara, the earthquake warning provided only 0.3 seconds of emergency time. Residents 50 kilometers and 80 kilometers from the epicenter were given 5 seconds and 15 seconds, respectively.

Despite these inherent defects, the warning system is not perfect in key technologies, especially the rapid determination of seismic parameters. As one of the five countries that have deployed earthquake warning systems, Japan is the most expensive and the best performing. On January 27, 2008, however, the state of the earthquake warning system was reflected in a headline in the Japan times.

China: an earthquake warning system deployed in zhaotong, yunnan province, on February 20, 2013, issued an alert ahead of the arrival of destructive seismic waves from a 4.9-magnitude earthquake, while terminals in the center of zhaotong received seismic information 15 seconds before the waves arrived. It is reported that this is the first time that China's earthquake warning system has successfully warned of a destructive earthquake.

ICL (Institute of care-life) earthquake early warning system: it is divided into four links: earthquake monitoring, early warning information analysis and processing, early warning information release, and early warning information reception and application. It includes the following parts: earthquake monitoring instrument, data collection and calculation center, various ways of issuing early warning, industry/personal terminal that can accept early warning signal.

China earthquake early warning technology has been mature, earthquake prediction how far?

Austrian academy of sciences, theoretical physics, Dr. King Tun said that 10 years ago, China has no earthquake early warning technology, there is no earthquake early warning network, earthquake early warning service, now China's earthquake early warning system on the key technical indicators leading in Japan, the difficulty is how to promote it, earthquake early warning information to the public, as well as how to use popular science for several seconds to tens of seconds of warning time, namely through disaster warning of "the last kilometer".

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