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To the correspondent -- the correspondent is long, deep in dreams, bent on the s

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I don't know.

Why did you choose to correspond?

In fact, people's life, there are many opportunities to engage in a variety of careers, but, you have chosen to be a correspondent!

Choose to do communication, is the choice of dedication, choice of responsibility and pressure, choose to put up with all kinds of hard work, choose to be others do not understand.

How many times have you gone to sleep at night with the lights on in the computer room and your head down analyzing the performance of the network?

How many times have you been away when you should have been with your family?

How many people can understand you?People all over the world do not know how much suffering behind the network, I do not know how much effort it takes to weave such a large network.

Only think of you when you complain about a network failure.

Friends think you are callous, family members complain that you are indifferently,

But, chose to do communication, be responsible for communication network!

Sometimes I feel frustrated and want to give up,

When you hear the voice of every household, because of the communication network sounded, see people smile.

Put out of your mind, cheer up, people smile to support you,

You tell yourself:

There are more people who need communication services.

More people need communication networks.

There are more people's lives need to add the wonderful communication network,

You are willing to pay with your body;

In exchange for solitude;

Strong in the lonely wandering;

Where there is life,

Fight to the end!

Here's a word:

The correspondence person was laborious!

Difficult communication lang, go far and wide, in charge of tashan high water long, road far horse death, only for a strong signal.

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