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Except for mobile phones, everyone should know about the "communication" life

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What is "Communication"?

General speaking, communication is the transmission of information.The message sent by party A to party B and the message sent by party B to party A is communication.

The official definition of communication is a little more rigorous -- the exchange and transmission of information between people, or between people and nature, through some act or medium, is called communication.

In other words, communication is not limited to the exchange of information between human beings, but also includes everything in nature.

In most communication scenes, human beings are the subject of nature.So how does communication become increasingly powerful in human society?

From the moment of human birth, communication is the basic need of survival.Newborn babies, through the cry to send a message of hunger, demand breast milk and love. Ancient hunter-gatherer tribesmen called for the aid and assistance of their companions by Shouting. All these belong to the category of communication.

With the continuous progress of human beings, the amount of information is increasing, and communication is also playing a more and more important role. Communication is indispensable for information exchange between countries and daily contact between relatives.The means of communication, from the close interview, gradually developed into the far away means like beacon fire, drumming and so on, and now is the network. Ancient communication channels were restricted by many objective conditions, which limited the scope of communication to a great extent.

Nowadays, we have fully entered the information age, the need for and dependence on communication has never been stronger. Network communication, as a link between everyone and society, has become an indispensable necessity in our daily life.

For the nature of communication, any communication behavior can be regarded as a communication system. A communication system consists of the following three elements: source, channel and host.

For example, when class is over, the school worker rings the bell: the school worker is the information source, the air is the channel, and the teachers and students, are the hosts.

The development of communication technology is a process of studying how to transmit more information in less time and more clearly. For this purpose, the sending equipment of the source, the receiving equipment of the host, and the medium of the channel all need to be constantly upgraded to meet the requirements of social communication.

According to the different channel media, the communication system can be divided into wired communication and wireless communication.

As the name suggests, the use of network lines, optical fiber, coaxial cable as a medium of communication, is wired communication. And what's using air, or even vacuum, is wireless communication.

There is no "complete" wireless communication in modern society.In the wireless communication system, , the source, the host and most of the channels, are all wired except the channel part which will have the wireless link.

Like the mobile communication system we use now, it only has wireless communication between the mobile phone and the base station antenna, and other links are still wired communication, such as base station to machine room, Beijing machine room to Shanghai machine room, and so on.

Nowadays, most of our information transmission and entertainment methods rely on wired communication. Wired communication can be seen everywhere in our daily life. How much do we know about wired communication? In our home television or home network transmission are dependent on the optical fiber, the exchange of information, natural everything is inextricably linked, likewise, the application of optical fiber is inseparable from the other communication equipment and instruments, such as optical fiber fusion splicers and optical fiber cleavers.

With the development of science and technology, the rising of people living standard, people has higher requirement on the quality of the network transmission, from the basic content, the picture of receiving information to higher requirements of high-resolution images, then the optical fiber, serving as a channel in communication system, played a very important role. Low loss and stable splice are the important factors influencing the network transmission.

Low loss and stable fusion has been the pursuit of communication, so choosing the right fusion splicer is an important step in communication engineering, but also determinant factor in guaranteeing the quality of network transmission.

In the existing domestic and foreign brands of fusion splicer, communication personnel pay more attention on the quality with lower price. Then I have to recommend Tumtec fusion splicers, which is not only stable in splice with low loss, but also providing various models to meet different communication projects. Tumtec fusion splice runs fast, with 3s to turn on, 6s to splice and 15s to heat, equipped with a large capacity battery.Its V9 fusion splicer, core to core with six motors and with auto splice program, brings great convenience for user operation.

Nowadays, the operation of individuals and even the whole society is based on the reliance on communication technology. Moreover, the advanced degree of communication technology has become one of the important indicators to measure a country's comprehensive strength.We can't imagine how chaotic our world would be if communications technology went back 200 years.

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