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Service massive interruption, flashback? Can't connect to the server? Companions who have the habit of playing games should hate that the game screen suddenly stops moving, the flashback situation and the network are disconnected, the network connection is not available, then, congratulations! It’s not a mobile computer card machine; it’s a network interruption. At this time, I feel that the world is gray, “I feel sad that I have reached the peak”.

Last weekend, we ushered in our beautiful rest days, and we were in a good mood. The dramas and games continued to be staged. However, on the afternoon of March 23, Tencent’s related products and services were unable to log in. The netizen reflected that Tencent’s A number of APPs, such as songs and glory of the king, have experienced landing abnormalities. Tencent officials said that the reason was caused by the operator's line failure.

At around 16:00 on March 23, 2019, Tencent released on Weibo: [Emergency Announcement] Dear users, the use of Tencent's multiple products was affected due to the large-scale failure of fiber-optic lines of local network operators in Shanghai. At present, operators are urgently repairing, and we are actively doing disaster recovery processing, and the business is gradually recovering. The progress of the follow-up repair will be announced to you in time.

Subsequently, Tencent Li Caitong official Weibo also announced that the cause of the failure was "the server operator Shanghai Nanhui Network fiber was accidentally smashed due to construction." This caused some users to use Tencent Financial's access, buy, take, and other functions to use abnormalities, and said that the related services have returned to normal.

At 19:54 on March 23, Tencent released “latest progress”: After emergency repairs by local operators in Shanghai, fiber-optic line faults are gradually recovering, business is back to normal, and some products may have short-term fluctuations.

Tencent service was interrupted on a large scale, the login was abnormal, and the server could not be connected. The reason was that the network fiber was accidentally smashed due to construction.

Everyday, I feel the power of the Internet. Let us ignore the fact that one day he will occasionally “disappear” and occasionally “sentiment” with us. What are the reasons for the fiber break?

There are many reasons for the cable breakage failure. Xiaobian simply divides it into two major categories, external factors and the fiber itself.

External factors include external factors, natural disasters, and human-induced factors.

1 Line failure caused by external force factors

(1) External force excavation: To deal with the failure of excavation of the excavator construction, the pipeline optical cable is checked for damage to the manhole in the manhole due to opening the manhole near the fault point, and the optical cable is interrupted in both directions.

(2) Vehicle hang up: When handling the vehicle hang failure, first test the fault point cable in both directions, confirm the number of cable breaks, and then deal with it in a targeted manner.


2 Line failure caused by natural disasters

Rat bites and guanines, fires, floods, winds, ice, lightning strikes, electric shocks


3 Line failure caused by human factors

(1) Work-related obstacles: Human-induced malfunctions caused by technicians during maintenance, installation, and other activities. For example, when the optical fiber is connected, the optical fiber is scratched, the bending radius of the optical fiber is too small; when the optical cable is cut, the optical fiber cable is erroneously cut off; when the optical fiber is connected, the connection is not strong, and the reinforcing core is not fixed when the connector is packaged. Broken fiber.

(2) Stealing: Criminals steal fiber optic cables and block the cable.

(3) Destruction: Man-made vandalism, causing the cable to block.


Then, when the optical fiber occasionally "sentites" with us, it is the line fault caused by the fiber itself. So what is it?

(1) Natural fiber break: Since the fiber is made of glass and plastic fiber, it is relatively fragile, and static fatigue will occur over time. The fiber gradually ages and causes natural fiber breakage. Or the joint box is flooded, resulting in increased fiber loss and even fiber breakage.

(2) Influence of ambient temperature: If the temperature is too low, the water in the joint box will freeze, the cable sheath shrinks longitudinally, and the pressure is applied to the fiber to cause microbend to increase the attenuation or interrupt the fiber. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to damage the cable sheath and other protective materials to affect the characteristics of the fiber.


A good solution, high efficiency and accurate working methods all require a good auxiliary “partner”. So what is a good definition? Suitable, cost-effective, intimate.


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