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5G A Shot!What Will Be The Development Of Splicing Machine?

0 TUMTEC 2019-06-09 11:04:50

China mobile, China telecom, China unicom and China radio and television network co., ltd. were among the first to receive 5G commercial licenses on June 6. Relying on 5G technology and equipment, the world will usher in a new round of scientific and technological revolution. This revolution will allow artificial intelligence to penetrate into every aspect of the market and social life because of the big data platform supported by 5G technology, and completely change the way of human production and life.The development of splicing machine will be bright.

The new giant of 5G era, communication application will use optical fiber, realize optical fiber transmission, optical fiber fusion is inevitable, so the need of optical fiber splicing machine is essential.

Why did China issue 5G commercial licenses in advance? Experts believe this is due to China's accumulated technological advantages and huge market demand in the process of accelerating 5G development. The issuance of license plates means that the commercialization of 5g network in China will be advanced, and the construction of network scale will also be put on the agenda. The commercialization of 5g will be carried first, which means the increase of optical fiber demand. The construction of base station, the need for optical fiber splicing, welding on the need for optical fiber splicing machine technology support!

5G is not just about the mobile telecoms industry. 5 g is short for the fifth generation of mobile communication technology, it is a wireless access network, core network, optical fiber splicing technology and relevant supporting system of complete technical system, in addition to supporting the development of mobile Internet, 5 g was also hopes to make the wireless communication between objects and things, compared with 4 g, 5 g point to everything is an Internet era.

As China takes the lead in the 5G commercial era, many long-planned technologies such as industrial Internet of things, medical treatment and artificial intelligence will bring more imagination space to manufacturing entities, and the demand for optical fiber fusion will increase accordingly.

The future has come. Under the tide of 5G, new technological changes, industrial application scenarios and business opportunities begin to move towards real battlefield from trials. In the future, the market demand of optical fiber splicing machine will be very fierce.

The 5G race, which will have a huge impact in China and around the world, has already begun after the shooting of license plate issuance, whether for cellphone manufacturers and operators who have already entered the competition, or for physical manufacturers who are calmly observing. It is believed that tumtec company under the support of 5g technology, constantly improve and develop new welding machine, for the benefit of the society! Tumtec always insisting on the principle of “Independent Innovation, Tumtec Create”.

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