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The 2019 China Optical Webinar Opened In Beijing

0 TUMTEC 2019-06-15 13:57:05

China is full speed into the gigabit optical network, the industry is expected to enter the upgrade cycle, tumtec will seize the opportunity, continue to develop the latest technology fusion splicer. Optical networking is the most effective way to solve network bandwidth, and this symposium will discuss these aspects, which is a rare opportunity to explore the latest development of optical communication technology and meet the bandwidth challenges.

The 2019 China optical webinar was held in Beijing from June 12 to 13. Representatives from research institutions, telecom operators, Internet service providers, data centers, industry alliances and equipment and technology providers were invited to the two-day conference.


Today, 5G, edge computing, the Internet of things, big data, cloud services, and 4K video have a huge demand for bandwidth. Seminars, and the optical network interconnection is focus on data center, the next generation optical transmission network, broadband access, and 5 g and other key topics, including 5 g and the access network and backbone of the Internet of things and metropolitan area network, transmission and distribution network and Intranet data center and optical switching system, network, automation and artificial intelligence, open source and decomposition of optical network, optical devices, FTTH and 5 g, etc.

Under China’s 13th Five-Year Plan and the ‘Broadband China’ strategy, operators need to provide higher speed (100MBps or more) to home broadband subscribers in large and medium cities. In rural areas, operators need to increase FTTH deployments by linking up 98% of administrative villages to fiber optic networks.


Leping Wei, director of China telecom science and technology commission, attended the conference and delivered the keynote speech of "development trend and opportunity of optical communication in 5G era". Leping Wei said there will be a huge opportunity for small base stations in the 5G era, and the number of small base stations in the Chinese market is expected to be tens of millions. Meanwhile, optical modules in 5G era will usher in great opportunities. In addition, wei said 5G still needs a lot of fiber to connect various base stations, at least several hundred million core kilometers.

Ao li, director of the institute of technology and standards of the information and communication research institute of the ministry of industry and information technology, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech on "entering the gigabit era of optical access network". Ao li said, China's fixed broadband into the "era of optical network", the current gigabit access in the world's leading, and the network and business promotion potential is greater, business competition between operators will also drive the rapid development of gigabit broadband business users.

Under the arrival of 5g, tumtec constantly research and develop new products, to show you the latest technology of welding machine.

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