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“If a worker wants his work well done, he must first sharpen his tools.”

0 TUMTEC 2021-05-22 10:34:22


Confucius told us “If a worker wants his work well done, he must first sharpen his tools.”

Optic fiber splicing is a crucial step in the construction of telecommunications; This step requires not only a high-precision and stable fusion splicer, but also a high-precision fiber cleaver.


Take Tumtec cleaver A9 as an example. It consists of four parts,  main body, upper cover, fiber holder and the blade. Its mufti-function fiber holder supports multiple fiber types; Its main body is made from aluminum alloy, which is in lightweight and highly portable; The upper and lower pressure pads are made of special soft rubber which is long-lasting and non-aging in time, can be well resist the optics fiber break, also it still maintains the characteristics of rubber even in cold temperature to prevent fiber breakage.



Its blade is made of fine tungsten steel, with 12 cleaving points and 5000 times cleaving each point; Normally the fiber will be cleaved in less than 0.5 degree. Slide guide is imported from Japan, has high reliability and stability ,with a little push it can be slide smoothly. A precision cleaver with strong stability is an indispensable tool in the optical fiber splicing process, its stability can speed up the splicing process and reduce the splicing loss.


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