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Fusion splicer daily maintenance

0 TUMTEC 2021-05-28 08:55:19

Fusion splicer is integrated with optical, mechanical and circuit of the high precision instruments and equipment, which is mainly applied in optical communication line construction and maintenance, where the using environment is with more dust, the daily scraps of coating and fibers easily enter into inside the machine, attached to the monitor camera, electrodes and motor gear, which will lead to optical fiber identification, focus and fusion time become longer, the splice quality decrease or even fail, which will affect the construction progress.With the increase of use times and years, the mechanical structure of fusion splicer is prone to deviation, and the accuracy is reduced.Correct maintenance can prolong the service life of the machine.


How to do daily maintenance for fusion splicer ?

1. Using anhydrous alcohol to clean and wipe the lens, charge-coupled device, etc., can solve the problems such as blurred optical fiber imaging, slow optical fiber alignment, incorrect optical fiber identification, and large splice loss.


2. Cleaning electrode oxide adhesion layer can deal with the problem of unstable ARC, too strong or too weak, fiber fusion deformation and increase the ARC times of electrodes.   


3. Cleaning V-groove and ceramic clamps can help to solve the problem of fiber position abnormal, fiber tracking fail and motor over limit.


4. Cleaning fiber holders can keep fiber from pollution.


5. Cleaningi the internal sturcture of fusion splicer like main panel surface, motor structure gap etc.can help to prolong the stability of fusion splicer.


6. For motor position, please adjust route. For electrodes voltage adjustment, please do ARC calibration.


7. For the replacement of damaged and old parts, if you do not know the machine operation mechanism and replacement steps, please ask professional personnel for help.The adjustment precision of optical fusion splicer is high, and the self-operation is easy to cause more damage to the machine.


8. If battery splice for a long time and splice times decrease, please discharge the battery completely, then charge it to full, repeat these steps for three times to activate the battery.

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