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Fusion splicer FST-Q5 is not only light, but also good in performance.

0 TUMTEC 2021-05-06 09:21:37

FST-Q5 is a new fusion splicer developed by Guangdong Tumtec. The performance is no different from the same level fusion splicer, but it is smaller and lighter than the traditional optical fusion splicer.

FST-Q5 appearance

The shape is more like a slightly enlarged pos machine, with rubber bumper,the width and height of 132mm/205mm/98mm. Because it’s a hand-held fusion splicer, the requirements for drop resistance are higher, so the four corners are specially strengthened to prevent the machine from falling from high places. However, the side also reflects that FST-Q5 can cope with drops from heights very well.

It feels better in one hand because it has four-corner high-thickness drop-resistant rubber. You can hold it in one hand and put the fiber in the other hand, just like holding a POS machine to swipe a card or play with a mobile phone.


Easy to hold

Lightweight fiber clamp and heater

Built-in LED

The weight is very light, only 1.15kg (with rubber bumper). Easy for carrying is daily life.


Critical parameters

    4 motors core to core alignment

    Equipped with a lightweight metal five-in-one durable fiber clamp

    Low splicing loss(SM:0.03dB/MM0.02dB/DS:0.05dB/NDS:0.05dB/G657E0.03Db/G654E0.01Db)

    Support more than five types shrinkable tubes (20/30/40/50/60mm)

    6 seconds splicing, 13 seconds heating, over 120 times for splicing&heating

    Performance parameters is better than most fusion splicers

    Small body and high integration

Fusion splicer FST-Q5 is not only light, but also good in performance. Adapted to the needs of equipment intelligence and miniaturization. In daily work, a stable, small and portable optical fiber fusion splicer can greatly improve job satisfaction.



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