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The National People's Congress and the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) were convened, and the construction of high-speed optical communication networks, quantum communications and the Internet of things became the focus of the 13th five-year plan.Among the ten key strategic projects and projects that China plans to implement in the next five years in the outline of the 13th five-year plan, the construction of quantum communication and quantum computer, and the integration of heaven and earth information network are particularly emphasized.At the same time, in the top 100 key projects and projects of the "13th five-year plan" national strategy, it involves the construction of the Internet of things application infrastructure and service platform, the Internet of vehicles and the Internet of ships, the construction of high-speed and large-capacity optical communication transmission system and other key points that have been emphasized in the early stage.

As 4G network construction comes to an end, the investment focus of the three major operators turns to fixed-line broadband and FTTH construction.The optical communication industry has maintained high growth, which is good for equipment manufacturers, device manufacturers and fiber optic cable suppliers in the optical communication industry chain.

Market participants in the communication industry believe that the Internet + era has brought unprecedented opportunities to the business innovation of enterprises, and it has become an important trend for enterprises to enhance their development competitiveness to reconstruct their business models, establish innovative products and services integrating cloud, management, terminal, software and hardware, and create a Shared and win-win ecosystem.With the strong support of government policies, once more technological breakthroughs are achieved in the above areas, the market space will be very broad.

In much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning information emerging industries, regardless of intelligent terminal, big data, how to upgrade how service platform and network development, jack ma, alibaba electricity network operators, such as how to influence people's shopping habits and network platform on the real change of industrial structure, cannot leave the basic data transmission, data transmission of optical communication places have the needs of the optical fiber communication instruments and equipment.In the future Internet of things era, the scale of intelligent terminal is likely to rise to 10 billion.With the development of communication network, we should open our eyes and mind a little wider to find new business opportunities.

Tumtec, as a new generation of private optical communication instrument manufacturers, from the beginning of the establishment, put forward the strategic direction of "independent innovation, build national brand".According to the development trend of the industry, the value of the communication market will be transferred from functional communication to intelligent connection, Tumtec CEO  said.The breakthrough of communication technology will bring about the explosion of optical communication instruments and equipment.Communication has begun based on 4 g, in the terminal equipment, communication pipeline, such as content and cloud services for 5 g layout, rattan friends will integrate "cloud services", "communication channel" and "terminal", fully implement equipment, users, network, data, and the perfect combination of service, telecommunications operators to provide one stop instruments and tools.Intelligent connection will certainly be the next round of communication market nuggets hot spot, as the domestic precision optical fiber fusion machine professional manufacturers, we will actively embrace the changes and opportunities brought by the era of intelligent connection.


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