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Tumtec clad to clad fusion splicer FST-18S, the best at its same level

0 TUMTEC 2021-04-08 08:59:46

Welcome to the introduction of Tumtec 4 motors active v-groove cladding splicer FST-18S.

Combined with novel design, craftsman-level manufacturing technique, it updates to high-precision algorithm to reach the fast splicing 5s, fast heating 13S for multiple fiber types: SM/MM/DS/NZDS..


Fast heating 13s, its been preset with 5 kinds of heating modes (20mm/30mm/40mm/50mm/60mm); Users can adjust the heating modes according to their applicable scenarios and habits, 50 kinds heating modes can be edited and stored.

In terms of software intelligence, FST-18S is equipped with a high-precision motor and a 90-degree dual CCD array. Based on advanced components, excellent recognition algorithms, it automatically discharges and cleans before splicing, checks the cleaving angle and clean level of the end face and whole bare fiber. The degree of cleanliness is displayed in the high-definition LCD screen through photoelectric conversion.



User only needs to place the fiber right on the three-in-one fiber holder, and the FST-18S can be automatically spliced. Machine presets 41 splicing modes, and user can edit modes manually. Machine can adjust itself according to the environment, suitable working altitude is 0-5000m, relative humidity is 0-95%, max wind is 15m/s.



The UI interface of Tumtec fusion splicers has been scientifically designed and improved, and the operation menu is fashionable and intuitive, which is convenient for user performance. Combined with key button to ensure working efficiency.



Tumtec FST-18S weighs 2kg; 1.7kgs without rubber protection. Main body made by metal with rubber protection provides good anti-drop performance. High capacity battery also controlled in the most elegant shape and weight was prove for the success of R & D. 18S battery 5200mAh, can support 280 times splicing; Electrode can be stably discharged 5000 times.


Tumtec splicer’s stable quality relies on the efficient integration of industry chain. The cost-effective machine and its accessories meet the actual practical needs of the users. Besides Tumtec 18S, Tumtec FTTH model FST-18H is also a great option.

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