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Choose High Precision Fusion Splicer to Increase Splice Quality and Efficiency

0 TUMTEC 2021-03-27 16:08:16

With the widespread application of optical fiber in modern communication and broadband interconnection network and the wide application of optical fiber communication technology, optical fiber fusion splicer has become an indispensable instrument in optical network construction and daily maintenance. It is used in the maintenance and fusion of optical fiber layout.

In order to obtain high quality spliced fiber during fusion, high precision alignment of optical fiber core is required.

The optical fiber alignment and fusion technology is the basic component of optical fiber communication. The optical fiber alignment and fusion technology with high precision and low loss is of great significance for the establishment of excellent optical fiber communication network.

Therefore, in the construction and daily maintenance of optical network, choosing high performance fusion splicer is an important part of the communication network work.


The part which is closely related to the optical fiber alignment is the optical fiber holder and V-groove of the fusion splicer.

Tumtec fusion splicer adopts three-in-one fixture, suitable for various types of fiber fusion;With the compact V-groove, precised loading of fiber, no deviation, the optical fiber positioning is fast and the working efficiency is high, which provides the guarantee for the optical fiber alignment.

Observing fiber core

Set up a high-definition 90° dual camera, with 800*480 high-definition touch screen, fiber core picture clear, optical fiber observation precision; during the process of splice, the environment for making splice should be clearly observed to avoid loss too big caused by dirty substance, which will guarantee the splice quality and low loss in the end.  

The splicer is also equipped with three LEDs, no need to worry about to make splice in dark.  LED light is safety and environmental protection with long service life, fast response speed, wide exposure range, which provide a good environment for the precise loading of fiber and reduce optical fiber alignment error caused by the dark environment




In the construction of optical fiber communication network, optical fusion splicer is the hardware equipment. The choose of good hardware equipment is the guarantee of the splice quality. And excellent hardware equipment can get the result in twice with half effort, improving work efficiency.

Under the same performance, the price of Tumtec fusion splicer is 1/3 cheaper than the ones of  Japanese and Korean brands. Tumtec is cost-effective and your good choice of fusion splicer.

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