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Structural Decomposition Of Fiber Optic Splicing Machine Revealed

0 TUMTEC 2019-07-27 11:41:20

Optical fiber splicing machine is the most widely used connection in optical fiber engineering.

Its principle is the use of arc splicing method, the use of arc discharge to produce more than 2000℃ high temperature, so that two optical fiber fusion for a fiber, the optical fiber splicing project must be configured with a high-performance optical fiber splicing machine. But the structure of optical fiber splicing machine consists of the following parts.


First、 Display screen of splicing machine

The splicing machine adopts infrared light source and display screen to observe the whole splicing process of optical fiber. The magnification of optical fiber can reach 200-500 times. In the past, many domestic brands used to change the focal length to observe the X and Y directions of the fiber, and the splicing speed was very slow. The current splicing machine generally adopts the direct vision method of fiber core (PAS) to monitor the alignment, and the liquid crystal display can simultaneously display the X and Y direction of the fiber splicing process, so as to observe the fiber state and splicing quality, and the splicing speed is fast.

Second、The controller

A controller usually consists of a monitoring unit and a microprocessor. The monitoring unit is the monitoring of local optical power, and the automatic adjustment and connection loss estimation are completed by the microprocessor. In the third generation, the high resolution camera is used to view the fiber vertically, and the fiber image is displayed on the fluorescent screen, and the alignment of the fiber core is directly displayed by the lens effect of the fiber cladding. At the same time, the camera provides this observation information to the central micro-processing controller, which controls the fine-tuning machine for automatic alignment, and controls the indirect estimation of discharge and optical fiber connection loss.

Third、Heating furnace high pressure source

There are mainly two kinds of high voltage sources. One is to boost the voltage and current of 50Hz,220V ac current to about 20mA from 3000-4ooov. The other is a 20kH or 40kHz high-frequency power supply. High-frequency high voltage source has the characteristics of small transformer volume, high efficiency and integrated circuit, so it is most used in practical engineering practice.

Four、Discharge electrode

The tungsten rod is processed into a pair of electrodes with 300 conical tips, which are installed on the splicing electromechanical electrode rack. The electrode tips are usually 0.7mm apart. When the optical fiber is connected, it will discharge through the electrode and generate an arc between the electrodes. The instantaneous temperature reaches about 2000℃, making the optical fiber at the center of the arc melt. After the electrode is used for a period of time, there will be oxidation adhesion layer on the surface, and the electrode should be removed regularly. Generally, the discharge of ordinary electrode is 2000 times. If the electrode is used after excessive consumption, the quality of fiber connection will be affected.

Five、Core-adjusting frame

The core-adjusting device of the optical fiber fusion machine, also known as the debugging frame, is usually a "lever" type fine-tuning mechanism. The three-dimensional fine-tuning of V-groove is realized by a spiral micrometer mounted on the end of a long rod. Optical fibers placed in V-grooves are fixed by mechanical pressure plates. X, Y direction fine-tuning is jacked by servo motor, lever mechanism is to make the adjustment more fine, axis (Z direction) adjustment is moved by spiral micrometer. The fine-tuning range of the mechanism is 105 m, the adjusting precision is 0.1 um, and the Z-axis displacement precision is better than 1 um.


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