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Main components and functions of fiber fusion splicer

0 TUMTEC 2018-07-26 10:00:37

Tumtec class: main components and functions of fiber fusion splicer

By Tumtec 2018-08-15

Main components and function of fusion splicer

1. Main board: CPU processor; Memory; Internal battery; The graphics card.

2. Motor: 1 pair of lifting motor, 1 pair of focusing motor and 1 pair of core motor.

3. Cover: used to protect the precision parts when the machine is not in use.

4. Table support frame: used to support the table.

5. Wind shield: abnormal arc discharge caused by wind energy, the anti-wind cover protect the arc processing.The windshield also ACTS as a safety switch that automatically prevents arcing when turned on.

6. Discharge electrode: to produce the electric arc when splicing.

7. LED light source: illuminates the optical fiber when image processing.

8. Electrode cap: used to protect the electrode (anode) during operation.

9. Precision v-groove: align the optical fiber with precision displacement.

10. Fiber clamp: fix the fiber in the v-shaped groove.

11. Fiber clamp: clamp the coated fiber to hold it in right position.

12. Lifting mirror: used for observing fiber in X and Y. Its rise and fall synchronously with the anti-wind cover.

13. Electrode clamp: calibrate and fix the electrode in the correct position.

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