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Tumtec Fiber Cleavers Promote the Development of Optical Fiber

0 TUMTEC 2012-12-03 10:39:00

In the middle of 1980s, the speed of digital fiber-optic communications reached 144Mb/s, being capable of transmitting 1,980 telephone lines, exceeding coaxial cable carriers (Corning was the first to develop). As a result, optical fiber communication is widely adopted as the mainstream, replacing cables in the transmission trunk.

With the development of broadband multimedia service, the requirement on communication network is higher and higher, which is mainly reflected in the requirement of bandwidth and capacity of various services. But optical fiber and optical communication technology is the unique fundamental solution to bandwidth.

The ministry of industry and information technology has formulated some plans to speed up the speed of Chinese optical fiber broadband. After five years, urban households can achieve fiber broadband of 20M while rural households achieve fiber broadband of 4M. Now the newly opened individual users takes 60% in the entire new users in the aspect of 20M fiber broad. The plan issued by the ministry of industry and information technology has promoted the development trend of optical fiber of communication network. The research and development of Tumtec fiber cleaver is also adapting to the changes of the market, constantly updating the performance to promote the development of optical fiber denier of communication network.

In recent years, the rapid development of broadband multimedia services, such as interactive services, radio services and other services, whose broadband, high-speed, the characteristics of a variety of media integration put forward higher requirement on communication network,  especially the development of the INTERNET makes the communication network broadband evolution becoming much urgent. Fundamental speaking, the web has evolved to provide users with richer & aster services at lower & cheaper prices. There’s only optical fiber and optical communication technology can solve this problem fundamentally, and other methods can only be transitional. At the same time, due to the requirement of performance, the telecommunication network has evolved along the pattern of using the least photoelectric conversion interface and using end-to-end optical connection as far as possible, which may eventually develop into an all-optical communication network. Therefore, the optical fiber evolution of communication network will be a big trend.

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