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In recent years, the scale of China's consumer market has been expanding continuously, but the situation of consumers'rights and interests damaged by counterfeit and inferior products, false propaganda and Overlord clauses in the field of consumption still occurs from time to time. The current situation of operators' lack of credit is still not optimistic. Consumers'rights of safety, information, fair trade and supervision have not been fully realized, which greatly affects consumers' satisfaction.

Consumption confidence restricts the further expansion of consumption potential.In 2019 the theme of "credit consumer rights make the consumer more confidence", is the consumption credit system in the field of the call, but also on the safe consumption environment and look forward to.Choosing "Credit Makes Consumption More Reliable" as the annual theme is to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Congress and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the 19th CPC Central Committee, to implement the "Several Opinions on Improving the Consumption System and Mechanism to Stimulate the Consumption Potential of Residents" and the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, and to effectively implement the statutory public functions of consumer organizations.Benefit of responsibility, efforts to promote the construction of consumer credit system, to create safe consumption environment, determined based on extensive collection of consumers and the views of the community on the.

There are three main bases:

Firstly, the construction of credit system is the inevitable requirement of high-quality development. Promoting the construction of credit system in the field of consumption and giving full play to the incentive and restraint effect of credit evaluation on operators will help operators pay more attention to the quality of products and services, pay more attention to the protection of consumers'rights and interests, contribute to the release of consumption potential, contribute to the construction of a strong domestic market, make consumers willing to consume and dare to consume, and enjoy the fruits of high-quality development of the consumer market.

Secondly, the establishment of credit system in the field of consumption is the primary task to create a comfortable consumption environment. On September 21, 2018, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council promulgated "Some Opinions on Improving the Mechanism of Promoting Consumption System and Stimulating the Consumption Potential of Residents", which clearly put the improvement of consumer credit environment in the first place, highlighting the importance and urgency of building a consumer credit system to create a safe and secure consumption environment.

Thirdly, consumers and consumer organizations are important forces to establish and improve the credit system in the field of consumption. Consumers and consumer organizations are the main bodies of operators'credit formation mechanism. Consumer organizations should give full play to the platform role of co-operation and Co-governance of consumer protection rights, fulfill the legal public welfare duties of social supervision according to law, encourage and guide consumers to participate actively in supervision, improve the mechanism of collecting and evaluating consumer opinions, explore and establish a public complaint system for consumers, carry out scientific and objective investigation and evaluation, and comprehensively form a post-consumer evaluation of operators, and guide them. Enterprises should standardize self-discipline, improve consumers'sense of self-determination and rational choice, and play an active role in promoting the establishment and improvement of the credit system in the field of consumption.

The credit of a country or a nation is the same, credit is also an essential part of an enterprise's quality, because only credit, in order to establish a good corporate image, the good image is the soul of enterprise. Credit first, which is the rattan always adhere to friends, and believe that the quality is the credit guarantee, credit quality is reflected; adhere to the quality of products, to build a bridge to the world, and strive to become the twenty-first Century fusion splicer equipment manufacturing leader.

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