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The first optical fast connector in China is born in Xuyi, Huai’an city, which mainly included fiber cold connector, fiber fast connector, compound sleeve and special plastic adapter. It not only filled the domestic market but also broken the long-standing monopoly of fiber optic products by foreign countries. It can save hundreds of millions of dollars for country every year.

It is reported, in the high-tech project that our country advocates, fiber optic communication product is short board all the time. In promoting the project construction, Xuyi emphasized to support the high-tech enterprises. It has more than 20 national practical patents and 4 invention patents. The input of science and technology research and development funds reached 60 million yuan. Now, it has been listed into the coach period, whose output will reach 10 billion yuan of above and profits will reach 1 billion yuan of above after five years.

With the development of optical fiber business, many domestic manufacturers have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to research and develop new fiber cold connection technology. The traditional hot welding connection will be completely replaced and the new optical fiber coupling technology has been developed successfully. This significant technical breakthrough will bring the fiber cold connection industry to a higher level of technology. The new optical fiber coupling technology will eliminate the use of optical fiber matching fluid, so there is no need to worry about the signal loss caused by the leak of matching fluid. And the data could be saved permanently.

The traditional hot melt method is low in efficiency and trivial in operation, requiring long time power supply facilities, and the equipment is expensive and easy to be damaged, requiring the operation of relevant professionals. The birth of new optical fiber coupling technology will replace the traditional hot melt connection. More convenient operation, no need of power supply facilities, no demand of professional construction and training personnel. One-time connect and data will be stable permanently.

New Optical Fiber Coupling Cold Connector

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