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How Will Our Life Change When 5G Era Comes?

0 TUMTEC 2019-08-05 16:01:36

First of all, popularize the concept of 5G to you.

5G network, the fifth generation mobile communication network, is the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology. Its performance objectives are high data rate, low latency, energy saving, cost reduction, system capacity improvement and large-scale equipment connection. Its main advantage is that the data transmission rate is much higher than the previous cellular network, up to 10 Gbit/s, 100 times faster than the 4G.

In the 5G era, with higher bandwidth and real-time 3D video calls with VR or AR helmet, holographic 3D calls in sci-fi movies are no longer out of reach.

First. Driverless

By telling the network signal, the ground, traffic and signal can be connected to each other to avoid accidents such as rear-end collision to a great extent. In addition, you don't need to find a substitute driver after drinking. It's very convenient.

Second. Telemedicine

Last month, China took the lead in successfully completing a long-distance operation through 5G visual technology, which provided time for saving patients'lives. The old method also needed to transfer ambulances to other hospitals, while 5G could rescue patients in the first time.

Third. Smart Home

Every day when you come home tired, you can turn on the TV by turning on the lights through voice and turning on the family background music. Now, although there is still no popularization of smart home, in the 5G era, this will become the norm.


Four. Remote Equipment Control

When operating in dangerous environment, the advantage of low delay of 5G can be fully utilized to realize remote control of mechanical equipment for operation and avoid casualties.

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