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FTTH will better Promote the Development of Three Network Integration

0 TUMTEC 2013-01-07 11:15:00

It is necessary and feasible to realize the integration of the three networks in terms of technology, network capability, the consumption demand of the users and national policies.

Firstly, the rapid development of information technology provides technical conditions for the integration of the three networks. Three-network integration is the inevitable result of information technology revolution. With the rapid development of information technology, the preservation and exchange of words, numbers, languages, pictures, films and so on are all moving towards the direction of digitalization and networking. The original management system of division has hindered the application of these advanced technologies and must be adjusted accordingly. This also requires that the policy barriers between Telecom, Radio and Television  and Internet should be broken down gradually, and the business boundary should be blurred gradually, and finally the integration should be achieved.

Secondly, the integration of the three networks is conducive to meeting consumers' growing demand for services. On the whole, telecommunications and radio and television services are complementary, and the integration of the two services can meet the comprehensive needs of users. However, due to the current situation of separate supervision of radio and television and telecommunications, the business cooperation between radio and television and telecommunications enterprises is not smooth, making it difficult to extend the information service industry chain and value chain, limited market capacity, slow business expansion, and user demand can not be met.

Thirdly, the realization of the integration of the three networks is also in line with the national policy needs. National development strategy and policy are the external conditions for the realization of three networks integration. Worth to mention that the "No. 1 document" of the state council in 2008 broke the previous "No. 82 document" on the separate operation of telecommunications and Radio and Television industry, and to some extent promoting the mutual entry of the two departments.

Finally, the integration of the three networks is the main trend of the development of international information technology. Internationally, it has completed the process of transforming from business operation to legislative and regulatory bodies to promote the integration of the three networks.

Therefore, it has become an urgent task to accelerate the institutional reform, modify and improve policies, lower the market threshold, create a relaxed environment, unify technical and business standards and promote industrial cooperation to promote the integration of the three networks.

In order to respond to the national policy, Guangzhou Boguang technology co., ltd. further promotes the development of FTTH and the integration of three networks, and continuously increases the research and development efforts and investment. With the brand of Tumtec fiber cleavers well-known in the market, Tumtec win the market recognition and the majority of clients’ preference by excellent technology and quality. Relying on the superior cost performance of Tumtec fiber cleavers, Boguang company continues to deepen the cooperation with the telecommunications, mobile, unicom, tietong and power departments, reduces the cost of optical fiber and cable construction, and indirectly promotes the development of national optical fiber, which will bring the benefits to the vast number of consumers and break the long-term monopoly by Japanese enterprises.

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