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In 2016, the optical communication market experienced another wave. The overall performance is that the profit space of traditional optical fiber and cable and related communication equipment and instruments industry has been compressed again. The market competition has intensified, and the survival profit space of major manufacturers has been compressed.

The market has its own law of value, law of supply and demand, law of competition.Through competition, to promote the survival of the fittest in the production of various goods and promote enterprise innovation can not only promote the optimal allocation of resources, but also realize the metabolism of the market.The market of optical communication will also eliminate a number of unenterprising manufacturers without innovation without competitiveness.

Firstly, the value law of the market is analyzed. The mediation of the value law on social production is realized through the fluctuation of market price. The inherent requirement of the value law promotes the development of productivity.Now the optical communication industry has entered the era of low profit, and the survival game of optical communication manufacturers has also found subtle changes.The development of China's optical communication industry has been accompanied by fierce market competition, especially the market threshold is relatively low, the early optical communication manufacturers are from the basic contract development, share the huge demand dividend brought by the rapid development of national optical communication, and gradually grow up.However, looking back on the development of domestic optical communication industry in recent years, a large number of small and medium-sized optical communication manufacturers have risen and fallen rapidly, and there will always be new entrants in this market.In the domestic optical communication market demand blowout, a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturers springing up like mushrooms, but in the oversupply, and because of lack of competitiveness and decline.For a long time, optical communication industry has been in such a bad development cycle.

In recent years, China's optical communication industry technology accumulation continues to increase, the core technology continues to break through, competitive innovative enterprises continue to emerge, the original optical communication manufacturers caused a huge impact, the corresponding product prices are also falling.The whole industry has entered an era of low profits.In such a market environment, the living space of the market shrinks sharply, and people begin to compete more for the cost performance of products. The low-price and low-quality products will be abandoned by consumers, and consumers begin to pay more attention to the quality of products.

     Then, the law of supply and demand in the market is analyzed. According to the development trend of domestic optical communication market, the total amount of optical communication market keeps growing, and the overall growth rate is still large.As the 4G network construction comes to an end, the investment focus of the three major operators turns to the cable broadband one after another, and the FTTH construction is widely popularized.Among them, China unicom and China telecom have promoted the construction of all-optical network in a large scale, and launched a series of all-optical network provinces. The two traditional fixed-line network operators are also focusing on promoting the application of gigabit access. Meanwhile, the second optical reform of China unicom is about to start.China mobile's fixed-line network layout is also accelerating. In the past two years, the collection of optical fiber and optical cables and equipment far exceeds the sum of the other two operators, becoming the biggest driving force for the development of the domestic optical communication industry.In view of this, the market space of domestic optical communication industry has been expanding continuously in the past two years, which also provides a better market environment for the development of domestic optical communication industry. A large number of optical communication manufacturers have taken advantage of the rising trend and participated in the market competition.In the process of market plate increases, the emergence of a large number of small and medium-sized innovative optical communications enterprises began to hit the original market pattern, especially in the relevant operators in, in after the bad consequences brought by the low price competition, began to pay attention to the quality of product price and product, a new round of market game has quietly open.

At last, let's look at the competition law of the market. Nowadays, with the shrinking profit space of traditional optical communication products, major optical communication manufacturers are also seeking to transform themselves, increase the layout of the whole industrial chain, and advance into the emerging market. Innovative new brand enterprises can improve their technological level and increase their core competitiveness through continuous innovation.With the adjustment of the existing operator system at the national level, the network infrastructure is expected to be gradually nationalized and unified operators. At present, China telecom and China unicom have taken a series of measures in joint construction and sharing.The impact of this change on the upstream and downstream industries will be a fundamental change, which will bring development opportunities to a large number of emerging enterprises.According to the development situation in 2016, the competition of optical communication industry is very fierce, the first echelon of optical communication industry still occupies a large market share, but the momentum of emerging enterprises is also very fast, the second echelon of optical communication industry will bear the brunt, the market will be the survival of the fittest, reshuffle is inevitable.

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