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2019China IT Learders Summit — IT New Future: 5G & Artificial Intelligence

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In the 21st century, the information industry has become an indispensable part of our lives, in the meanwhile, it has been the focus of attention from all sectors of society, it can even be said that the advanced degree of information technology has become one of the important indicators to measure the comprehensive strength of a country.

China (shenzhen) IT Leaders Summit is co-hosted by Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and Digital China Federation. It has been held in shenzhen for consecutive 10 sessions since 2009, becoming the most influential information industry exchange platform in China and playing a leading role in the industry.

2019 China (shenzhen) IT Leaders Summit will be held on March 30 to 31 in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel, with "IT new future: 5G and artificial intelligence" as the theme, regarding the topic that 5G or artificial intelligence are the key to affect industry as critical proposition, setting up "5G era: the future communication innovation" as the theme of the high-level talks, inviting the top focus people in the industry to discuss, and showing hot topics.

Among of that, at the summit, the notable is, Mr. Huateng Ma, the chairman and CEO of Tencent company, made the speech in the theme of "5G and AI promote the development of the internet industry". As the most representative figure in Chinese internet , he put forward some opinion on the development trend of internet.

Firstly, under the "dual-core drive" of 5G+AI, the threshold for transformation and upgrading of all kinds industries will be lowered continuously, and the development of industrial Internet will enter the "fast lane". According to Huateng Ma’s opinion, 5G and AI will complement each other. 5G can help the application of AI while AI can make 5G networks more flexible and much efficient for people to use.

Secondly, with the help of the industrial Internet, the digital transformation and upgrading of all walks of life will change from the traditional industry of "jumping on one’s foot" to "running on two legs" in collaboration with the Internet. It is believed that China's traditional industries need to make full use of the leading advantages and innovation ability of mobile Internet to open up the effective connection between the consumers and the suppliers (that’s C2B), help the renew of supply chain, make change according to consumers’ demand and make the flexible and accurate respond. The ministry of industry and information technology put forward the idea of "integration of the two industries" very early, which is still of great strategic significance today.

Thirdly, traditional industries and the Internet are converging into a community of shared future. Scientific & technological innovation and cyber security are the two cornerstones of this community. Network security is a challenge that the traditional industry has not faced in the past, which needs to make full use of the experience and ability of internet companies. Mr. Huateng Ma said Tencent now has seven security labs and regards security as its lifeline.

He also said another cornerstone of the internet industry is technological innovation. If absence of basic research and key technologies for a long time, our applied innovations, like skyscrapers in the desert, could be falling down anytime.

Internet is such a construction, it is the same for enterprises, especially for high-tech enterprises. Tumtec, as a high-tech enterprise, is able to stand for 15 years for it relies on basic research and emphasizes on key technology fields, makes R&D constantly, adapts to the changes of the communication market, meets the demand of the communication market, and never stops on the road of scientific and technological innovation.

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