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Daily maintenance of fusion splicer

0 TUMTEC 2018-07-26 09:52:42

Daily maintenance of fusion splicer

    By Tumtec   2018-8-28

Steps for cleaning the V-groove or fiber fixture:

1. Open the anti-wind cover of fusion splicer.

2. Open the optical fiber pressure head and clamp pressure plate.

3. Wipe the V-groove in one direction with the cotton swab stick dipped in anhydrous alcohol (or sharpened the toothpick).

Steps for cleaning mirrors and lenses:

1. Open the anti-wind cover of fusion splicer, and you can find two lenses, horizontal and vertical.

2. Check whether there is any foreign body on two lenses, and if there has, use appropriate tools. Do not touch the lens with hard objects to avoid damaging the lens.

(1) use the "leather tiger" air bag to blow away the dirt on the lens.

(2) wipe the lens with a small amount of anhydrous alcohol on a cotton swab.

(3) wipe gently with a dry cotton swab to make sure the lens is clean.

Note: do not use hard objects to clean V groove or force on V groove to avoid damage V groove or make V groove misalignment, resulting in the instrument cannot be used normally.


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