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[Video] tumtec optical fiber welding machin test of loss

0 TUMTEC 2020-03-25 10:21:10

When choosing the fusion splicer, the communicators, what are you most concerned about?
Good machines, in addition to the functional requirements of the work, then the stability of the machine, wear and tear, etc.,
Among them, loss is probably the most concerned problem of communication engineering
After all, wastage is a direct impact on the use of results

There are many reasons that affect the optical fiber welding loss, among which there are two kinds of intrinsic factors and non-intrinsic factors
Optical fiber intrinsic factors, refers to the factors of the optical fiber itself, the need to buy high-quality and benign optical fiber, there is a great deal of relationship with the operator's proficiency in cutting optical fiber, and so on
The non-intrinsic factor is the connection technology, in addition to the connection of various technical problems, there is also a major reason, is the optical fiber welding machine's own equipment to support the optical fiber welding


Generally speaking, the optical fiber fusion loss within 0.05db is considered as a good fusion effect
The following is tumtec optical fiber welding machine V9 of six motor trunk optical fiber welding machine. We conducted a welding loss test
You can see that the fusion loss of tumtec optical fiber welding machine V9 is kept within 0.05 db


Tumtec fusion splicer V9, advanced silver black metal body, fuselage shell is surrounded by imported engineering plastic, anti-fall ability is super; The stable four-legged base design, the shockproof effect is also super good, reduces the height to fall the impact; 5.0-inch high resolution, 180° adjustable, zoom in touch screen applications, is to give the user in the operation of great convenience.



Now look at the level of the era, the product is no exception; Not only to look good, but also light, convenient, solid shell;
Optical fiber welding machine is often in a bad environment, so the "anti-pressure" ability is essential; Tengyou optical fiber welding machine has strong storage capacity, can preset 100 welding mode, 2000 welding records; Not only running fast, 3 seconds starting up, 6 seconds melting, 15 seconds heating, and fully automatic melting procedures; Moreover, it can adjust automatically according to air pressure and external temperature and discharge adaptively, which makes it convenient to work in a more varied environment and greatly improves work efficiency.


Optical fiber welding machine is an important tool and equipment for communicators in their daily work. Good optical fiber welding and low loss are great convenience for communicators to work, reducing unnecessary tedious work (secondary welding) and high work efficiency. Escort for the network world, tumtec communication company is worthy of your trust!

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