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Tumtec Science Popularization Lesson 1 Understanding Optical Fiber Hot Fusion We

0 TUMTEC 2019-03-18 14:05:12

Since the 21st century, with the development of technology and the needs of users, optical fiber transmission has replaced traditional cables, and become a new transmission medium with the advantages of bandwidth, low loss, free from electromagnetic interference, small diameter and light weight.

Optical fiber fusion, also known as optical fiber fusion, is the connection of two core optical fibers through a specific device optical fiber fusion machine. Optical fiber hot melting has the advantages of simple operation and low maintenance cost in the later stage, but its disadvantage is that it has a large investment in the earlier stage and more special tools.

Optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly used for cable construction and maintenance in the optical communication, the optical fiber section and melting with high precision motion gently pushing to make two fused into a high-pressure arc, in order to realize the coupling of optical fiber mode field. The main application areas are major operators, engineering companies, enterprises and institutions of optical cable line engineering construction, line maintenance, emergency repair and so on.

It is composed of fusing machine host, key control panel, windproof cover, heating tank, high-definition display screen, handheld and other parts, as follows:

At present, the performance of fusion machine adopts fine alignment and core alignment, as well as high-power LED white light lamp, which has fast heating time and achieves second welding time. Visually, the X-axis and Y-axis optical fibers are simultaneously observed by an inch color high-resolution capacitive touch screen. The optical fibers are multiplied and the core is clearly visible. Simple and intuitive operation interface and a clear menu design are adopted. It greatly facilitates the operation of construction personnel.

It is necessary to select high quality welding machine, and correct use is the basic condition. Correct Use of Fiber Fusion Machine: The function of the fuse machine is to fuse two fibers together, so correct use is an important measure to reduce the loss of fiber connection. For example, the welder should be placed in the weld environment for at least 15 minutes before use, especially in places where the environment is quite different from the one used (such as indoor and outdoor in winter).The welding parameters, current and time should be set correctly and reasonably according to the type of optical fibers, and the welding machine should be cleaned in time during and after use, and the discharge voltage and position of the welding machine should be reset according to the environment at that time, and the V-groove driver should be reset.

When using the optical fiber fusion machine, we have to consider its loss. There are many factors that affect the optical fiber fusion loss, which are mainly two kinds of intrinsic factors and non-intrinsic factors. Fiber intrinsic factors refer to the fiber itself, non-intrinsic factors refer to the splicing technology, of course, the quality of the machine itself and the level of the operator, the level of disc fiber technology, the cleanliness of the electrode and working environment, and the setting of welding parameters will affect the value of the splicing loss.

Here, suggests that the optical fiber fusing machine is a high-tech mechanical product with high comprehensive quality. Choosing a high-quality fusing machine will do twice as much with half the effort.

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