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Maintenance about electrode

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Maintenance about electrode

By Tumtec     Aug. 2, 2018


The reason for the electrode rod oxidizes and darkens

Dust, water molecules and oxygen which dissociate at the tip of the electrode will form black oxide and stick to the tip of the electrode rod during the high temperature reaction formed by the high-pressure discharge of the electrode rod.

It will produce a lot of cataclastic quartz particles after the fiber cutted by fiber cleaver, dissociate around the electrode rod, under the condition of high temperature and high pressure discharge quartz ion will melt viscosity on the electrode, white attachments on the electrode is generally the fused silica substance (is optical fiber and glass are the same components to us, but it contains more impurities).

Electrode is a kind of tungsten steel, also produce black oxide layers when exposed to air under the action of water molecules and oxygen.

(Nigrescent electrode)


Harm of electrode oxide

The electrode is used for conducting discharge, and the fiber splicing needs to be properly discharged. When the electrode rod oxide is too much, the high-voltage cladding of the fusion splicer needs to provide more work to ensure the normal discharge of the electrode.

When there are too many carbon oxides in the electrode rod, the discharge of the electrode will be unstable.

If the discharge of the electrode cannot be sustained and stable, it will lead to excessive continuous failure, failure in project acceptance, delay in project rework, and failure in payment.


How to minimize the production of electrode oxide

✓ reduce splicing in the dust of environment;

✓ be careful for clearing the electrode;

✓ use high-efficiency fiber cleaver;

✓ choose the original electrode;

 (New Electrode)

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