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TUMTEC Catches Up To The 5G Era ----The Meaing Of TUMTEC

0 TUMTEC 2019-05-27 16:14:22


Vine, vigorous, evergreen and tenacious ingenuity;

Friends, Boats and Boats Aligned with Hearts.


Rattan, which means evergreen in China, symbolizes youth and vitality.In people's impression, it is the attitude and indomitable spirit of youth.The "rattan" we see everyday, no matter how big the house is, how strong and tall the trees are, will grow step by step, never retreat, never lag behind.

Tumtec, including "rattan", is to entangle itself with "communication" in the attitude of rattan, and grow with "communication". How fast and how fast the growth of "communication" is, tumtec can make great strides and keep going with it.

"Friends", as friends, in the spirit of craftsmen, concerted efforts from above and below.For the construction of global communications to pay the most intimate and sincere efforts to jointly build the dream of communications.Tumtec's development can not be separated from the support of every Tumtec customer friend. Tumtec is in line with the customer's initiative to advance and retreat, and develop together, in the same boat, side by side, and shine together in the communications industry.

Insisting on the principle of “Independent Innovation, Tumtec Create”, Tumtec provides excellent products and service for global clients. One Line One City, Splice the Whole World, Tumtec wishes to win-win cooperation and building future together.

Since Tumtec products are launched in the market, Tumtec export products to more than 70 countries and regions with favourable comment from home and abroad communication engineering company.Tumtec provide splicing machine solution with high performance, high quality and high cost performance for worldwide countries to promote FTTX.

Tumtec is dedicated to serving every customer from every country.

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