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Tumtec- 15 years of transformation

0 TUMTEC 2019-03-07 17:17:42

     Established in 2005, with 15 years of transformation, Tumtec becomes the pioneer and benchmark of the industry with the well-known optical fiber fusion splicer and fiber cleaver.

    We fully understand the market and customer needs. Within these 15 years, we focus on the updating of the products and the customers needs. Tumtec has deeply bases in the telecommunications industry. Our products covers large range of market needs: from province to short distance area, our products can meet all market demands. From following the market to lead the market we will always keep in innovation.

     Come to know Tumtec and the 15 years transformation. We invite you to join us to experience greatness and miracle.

     Tumtec strong independent research and development team, combined with advanced global technology, independently develop and produce optical fiber splicing machine and optical fiber cleaver. More than 10 patents have been granted for the design and invention, we also have certification like CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, China's national high-tech enterprise certification. Our R&D team will always by your side to provide quality assurance, technical support like friends.

     Tumtec brand precision optical fiber fusion splicer, covering a number of models and specifications, include long-distance trunk six motor optical fiber splicer (V9/V9mini), single core alignment splicer FST-83A, FTTH splicer 16S/16H/16M.

     Configuration: 3 seconds start-up, 6 seconds fast splicing, 15 seconds heating, stable splicing loss 0.01-0.05dB, touch screen, large capacity battery, dust proof, moisture proof, low/high temperature proof.

     In 2019, Tumtec will devote itself to the updating of both official domestic and overseas website, combining with offline exhibitions.

In terms of product service, Tumtec has an efficient and perfect service team, providing product consultation, product training, technical support and other services like sales consultation At the same time, Tumtec will release 2 to 3 new products in 2019, which will be targeted at all levels of customers.

     15 years of dedication, 15 years of experience, Tumtec has been adapted to market changes, becoming a confidant of the communications industry.

Tumtec is committed to building a world-famous brand of fusion splicer, to become the world's most reliable manufacturer of optical fiber fusing machines (equipment and instruments), the benchmark and pioneer of the optical fiber fusion splicer industry.

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