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How To Operate The Welding Mode Of Splicing Machine?

0 TUMTEC 2019-06-05 10:15:08

The correct use of optical fiber splicing machine, you know? Optical splicing machine, how much do you know?

The preparation of the instruments: Optical splicing machine 16S,optical fiber cable, electrode rod, protective glasses, and other tools .

The following is the correct use and safety warning of optical fiber splicing machine:

1、Splicing machine belongs to precision instruments, should be very careful in carrying and use,and use special carry case.

2、This splicing machine is dedicated to optical fiber splicing tools,so it can not be used for any other purposes.

3、The special electrode rod has been installed before leaving the factory. Do not replace other electric shock rod without permission.

4、During the preparation of splicing optical fiber, pay attention to the optical fiber debris that gets into your eyes, and the stripped and cut fibers should be placed in the return box.

5、 Using manufacturer's standard battery Improper use of ac power supplies can result in failure or even complete abandonment

6、The battery should be charged for the first time until the charging is completed

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