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The advantages of Fusion Splicer FST-18S

0 TUMTEC 2020-11-05 10:35:26

Tumtec fusion splicer FST-18S is with red casing. It is Moistureproof, frost proof, dust proof, and shock proof. When taking fuson splicer FST-18S outside for work, it can draw attention for its red casing. Appearance, color and design are not so important for the fusion splicer. What the communication staff concerns about is the splice loss and stability. In respect to this point, we made a video for the loss of fusions plicer FST-18S. The video is as below:


From the video, the loss tested by OTDR is within 0.02 dB   


Tumtec fusion splicer operates fast with 3s to turn on, 6s to splice and 15s to heat. Its function is stable, splice is good. By using compact V-groove and three in one fiber holder, it is easy to splice fiber. Fiber locates exactly and the splice loss is small. It is equipped with GUI operation system, operation fast and simple.


Prodcut characteristics

Detachable battery

Color touch screen

Hand carry

Three in one fiber holder

The popularity is the best proof for product quality. Tumtec fusion splicer FST-18S is popular with customers at home and abroad.  


Cases for customer using Tumtec fusion splicer.


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