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Reason and solution of “Fiber tracking failure”

0 TUMTEC 2020-08-13 09:59:00

When splicing the fiber, will you meet the fiber tracking failure?

There are several reasons caused the failure:

Dust on lens

Pressure hammer not working precisely on pressing the fiber

CMOS board malfunction

  Dust on CMOS BOARD

How to solve the problem?

   Firstly, lets check if V-Groove is clean or not?

The pressure hammer tip point is not on the V-Groove and not pressed on fiber

  Under normal circumstances, tip point of pressure hammer should be exactly on the central point of V-groove and press on fiber


Loose the screw on pressure hammer and adjust the pressure hammer position, ensure the tip point is exactly on central of V-Groove and press on the fiber.

   Splicing again after adjust, looks like the splicing is succeed. Problem fixed.

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