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Can't Operate Splicing Machine's Welding Mode? See Come On!

0 TUMTEC 2019-06-09 09:22:41

TUMTEC fiber fusion splicer menu analysis---the operation of welding modes

1、Press the power on button to enter the working screen

2、Before working, adjust the display screen to the appropriate operating Angle

3、Click the menu,enter the main menu page,

4、Click the welding menu

5、TUMTEC fiber fusion splicer,pre-set 41 welding modes,including automatic mode, all kinds of optical fiber special automatic modes and manual mode.

6、We can also add the welding parameters of the optical fiber categorys which are not commonly used.

7、Click the “Add NEW ”option ,then click “edit”    

8、Select the most similar preset parameters 

9、According to actual requirements,change the parameters

10、Click “ok” to save

11、Click “Return” can return to the initial page

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