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Do you know the importance of electrode replacement?

0 TUMTEC 2020-11-26 14:21:13

Electrode rod is an important part in splicing machine. Discharge splicing is completed by electrode rod. However, many people do not know that electrode rod is a consumable material.It needs to be replaced when it reaches a certain life span. I will introduce you to the importance of electrode rod exchange and some knowledge related to the life span.


First to know about the electrode stick aging process, the electrode stick with the naked eye observation is similar to the very tip of a needle, although itself metal material is hard and there will be no external force wear and tear, but due to long time under high temperature electric discharge, so the starting discharge apex, inevitably will slowly loss, of course it is an ideal state.


The loss of electrode rod in the actual use is much more as shown in the figure below. During the discharge process, due to high energy and high heat, glass ions in the fiber itself diffuse and adsorb to the tip of the electrode rod, forming non-conductive insulation impurities, which can be observed with the naked eye on the electrode rod that has been used for a period of time.

The generation of insulation film will cause the arc to discharge away from it, so the original loss from the top may be changed to the back, which will aggravate the wear rate of the electrode tip and make it very irregular.

In this case, the arc triggered by two stable tips will become extremely unstable, and the alarm may be given on the splicing machine (discharge is too left or too right), which will not provide a stable heat source for the splicing of optical fiber, and the final splicing loss will not be ideal.

Therefore, the electrode rod may not last as long as we think. In case of the above situation, in order to ensure the quality of welding, a new electrode rod must be replaced.

And choose the original electrode rod is also very important, fake electrode rod is not capable of high temperature material, size is differ, such as abnormal, so not only the life of the electrode rod itself will be very short, but due to the possible causes of the discharge voltage is not stable, will bring the inside of the splicing machine power device burden, or even damage.


Electrode rod wear, of course, under the influence of many external factors, such as air humidity, temperature and the material of the fiber, and so on, so the rod electrode life under different working conditions may differ a lot, although our manufacturer has recommended the use of number, but still recommended users according to their actual usage to determine the frequency of replacement. It is also helpful to prolong the life of electrode rod and improve the quality of splicing.

Specific electrode rod replacement process, you can click on the official website video column to learn.

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