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Fiber Cutting & Splicing, Do Not Understand? See Here!

0 TUMTEC 2019-06-06 09:40:39

The preparation of the instruments: 16S fiber splicing machine, fiber line, scissors, fiber cleaver, stripping pliers, fiber box, alcohol, cotton paper

Three steps to prepare optical fiber before fiber fusion:

1. Reroming the coating Peel off the sheath at least to leave a 50mm coating (loose and tight). Remove the coating layer with stripping pliers, the length is 30~40mm.

2. Clean the fiber with an alcohol-dipped cotton paper.

3. Fiber cleaver cutting fiber with high precision fiber cleaver and strictly control the length of cutting fiber

Note: Ensure that bare optical fibers and their sections are not stained. - avoid placing optical fibers on dirty surfaces - check whether the v-shaped groove and pressure hammer are clean. If not, it must be cleaned with cotton swabs dipped in alcohol Splicing procedure

(1) turn on the welding electromechanical source and adjust to [SM Mode] Mode;

(2) confirm welding and heating Mode, use [Auto Mode] Mode

(3) clean fiber coating layer or tight sleeve will fiber through the thermal shrinkage protection sleeve;(clean the stripped optical fiber with pure alcohol)

(4) put the optical fiber into the center of the connection between the inner edge of the fixture and the electrode rod Note: do not slide the fiber along the v-groove. The cutting surface of the fiber should be beyond the v-groove position, but not beyond the tip of the electrode rod (5) place the electrode rod on the edge of the v-groove and the two pole electrodes are connected between the central positions

(6)close the windproof cover to start automatic welding Optical fiber welding process of display screen


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