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TUMTEC fusion splicer, a new highlight of CCBN 2017

0 TUMTEC 2018-07-26 10:29:57

On March 23 to 25, 2017, GuangDong TUMTEC Communication Technology CO., LTD., for the first time, attending the 25th China international exhibition on radio and television information network (CCBN2017) which held in China international exhibition center, the exhibition marked"combination the vision, think of the future" as the theme, being the Asia-pacific region's largest radio, film and television technology equipment exhibition, attracted many outstanding companies participating in the industry.

TUMTEC carries high-end hit products (FST-16S, V9 series fusion splicers), making its debut at this international event.Attracting customers with full preparation, excellent quality, high technical level, innovative design and high performance precision splicing experience, become a big luminescent spot in telecommunication industry, won the broad attention and high praise of domestic and foreign customers, making the exhibition a complete success!

TUMTEC takes this exhibition for broadening the vision, open mentality, learning advanced technology, exchanging and cooperating as our goal, with this exhibition as an opportunity, communicating and negotiating with customers and agents, enhanced the company brand visibility and influence successfully, in order to good understanding of the market and customer demand, and better improve the structure of the products, give full play to their strengths.In order to build a trusted national brand, we will continue to learn and introduce advanced technologies, attract outstanding talents and strive to build a higher level in the field of optical communications.

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