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Telecom fair - the 20th ShenZhen CIOE

0 TUMTEC 2018-09-13 15:15:37

SEE YOU in ShenZhen, the 20th CIOE was held as scheduled

By Tumtec

China International Optoelectronic Expo(CIOE), founded in shenzhen in 1999, is held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center every September.CIOE is currently the world's largest professional Optoelectronic exhibition, the member of the international federation of exhibitions (UFI).The photovoltaic technology exchange platform, which has always been committed to reflecting the development of the optoelectronic market, promoting the exchange of optoelectronic technology and promoting the progress of the optoelectronic industry, has once again blossomed into a dazzling light of technological power in this golden September.

Tumtec fusion splicer keeps abreast with the trend of The Times and displays its charm. During this year's fair, it attracted many customers to visit. We have gained the admiration of both domestic and foreign customers, also the recognition of telecom industry enterprises. All the praise and feedback will become the driving force for our growth, motivating us to make continuous progress and innovation, continuously explore the potential of enterprises and their own value, and make more and better fusion splicers in order to serve and contribute to society.

Tumtec has been headlined by CHINA OPTOELECTRONIC EXPRESS

The visitors were attracted by the exquisite outlook of Tumtec fusion splicer

The technicle man is demonstrating the machine~

The marketing sales are negotiating with customers

The fair has come to a close, but our efforts will never stop.

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